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Education and Training

You-Science sets off as an education and training tool for young scholars. It provides a word-editing tool, and resources to guide students in writing assignments, essays, proposals and dissertations.

Where did everyone go?

Continuously improving scientific debate and contributions.

You-Science helps set research in motion throughout your career. Whether you’ve just begun to publish, are an experienced author, are ready to serve as a peer reviewer, or work as an editor you'll find support, assistance, and guidance.

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Interaction, Followership and Citations

Through You-Science, scholars will be able to publish widely, review and rate other participants’ work through an automatic peer-review system and build their own followership and citations. The ultimate tool to boost your academic career!

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Tired of waiting years to heave your paper published? You-Science will help you write it and publish it immediately, and share it with a global community of peers. It's free of charge, and will always be.

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Search from millions of publications and stay up to date with what's happening in your field.


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Such a great experience to be using You-Science. It really jump started my academic publishing journey.

Roger Carlson
Happy You-Scientist, Reviewer and Publisher.

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